Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New World Park, The Old Coffee Shop at Swatau Lane

Some how or other having a meal at the New “New World Park” shinny and clean food court make me feel that I am missing something, even with all the good food there. So this day, when looking for some lunch I decided to head to the old coffee shop located at swatau lane instead of the new and shiny food court just to try out the hawkers that are still located here.

Swatau Lane Coffee Shop

Do you know that this coffee shop have an Air Condition Section. And now a days it’s not too busy, so it’s easy to get a table even on a Saturday lunch, or because of it being a Saturday? The Hygiene overall has also improved with clean floors and tables.

Well, the food here looks interesting especially the roast duck and the chicken rice as well as the Loh bak with the har chee (shrimp fritters), but all that will be for another time. Our Mission today were to try out the Char Koey Teow, The Hokkian Mee, The Majestic Rojak, Nonya Nasi Lemak, Ice Kachang, and Chendol.

Ice Kacang

Char Koey Teow is good, nice smoky aroma, for RM3.00 (penang price) with egg and if I am not mistaken this stall also have Char Koey Kak...

no chilly - my eldest daughter had this.

Hokkian Mee, that what penangites call Prawn Mee Soup, was ok, noodles today were to me overcook, and I think he try too hard, My Medium Bowl for RM3/- was choke full of “other” ingredients usually not found in Hokkian Mee.

The Majestic Rojak, is still the best here, nice thick Rojak paste with all the fruits, and reasonably price too. Best in Penang, what so special, the sauce is pour on top, not mix in.

Nonya Nasi Lemak, RM 2.80 for Super Fragrant Nasi Lemak rice, serve with (our choice) of Sambal Har Bee, Curry Potato and Ikan Belis. Yummy, Hard to find Nonya Nasi Lemak in Penang now a days. less spicy ......

Ice Kacang, and Chendol, yummy. I still feel that is still the best here ........ especially not Its not too busy and there is always the air con section which is a one up over the food court. Unfortunately now we have lesser choice here, but for the Majestic Rojak

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