Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happening in Penang, 2009, Year End - Lanten Festival at Esplanade George Town

Its seem that every Saturday night from last weekend till the end on the year at the esplanade in George Town City, Penang there will be a special event organizes by the State Tourism and Cultural Committee call Esplanade in Action

There was a write up in the Star today 20th October 2009, and it was all about what happen last Saturday, with bands and so on. It is also noted that this coming Saturday it will be Pesta Tanglung Lenten Festival.

Well and good, and keep it up, it is the right way, and its also the right location though i wish there are more shops around, however please much much more publicity is required to bring in the tourist.

My suggestion, set up a pasar malam as well every sat night here.....

by the way all readers please visit here and vote for choice penang food.

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