Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving House Again


My family will be moving from our current rented house to another rented house around 150 meters away, as my current rented house is due to be sold. Not much choice for housing in this area, however we manage to find a house that is in better condition than the current one, however at a higher monthly rental.

So this month will be busy at home packing and busy at work as well. I manage to get a couple of days off and have got a lorry and a paid a few person to move my things. An Electrician to reinstall my water heater and fan. To Install a new TV aerial. Hopefully I can reorganise my barang barang, and will be getting a few items to improve my house interior decorations, with some new furniture and putting up some of my photographs.

Frankly I am bored with all the moving in my life, My family move house 5 time before I was 18, (5 primary and secondary schools) as my father was a government officer, then in Europe while taking my course I have to move 6 times, due to my training, and during my working life, I have move to 6 different towns in 18 years due to job changes. (This is the first time I have to move house is not due to a change of Job) . The Last few moves have been a hassle, due to the increase in family members, and more thing to arrange like schools. After I got married and got a New Job, I just use my car, now at this stage in life I need a 10 ton lorry.

I would say that moving is the nature of my job, my career path so to speak, to move up, you have to seek opportunities out there, as there are very little opportunity in house in most places, or much much slower, There were practically no in-house training to speak off at the places I work at, actually it is me that have to give training to the staffs .

Especially at High Management Levels, when employed in this Hospitality industry, you are under “contract” for a period of time, which may or may not be renewed. And as you reach this area, there will be lesser job in the town/city you are in so, when your contract end and its not renewed, to get a job you have to move else where or even out of the country.

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