Friday, March 6, 2009

Bible Lore in Chinese Characters?


Stumble across this site which has a theory that the Chinese God (Shang Da) is the same as the Bible God.I was wondering if this is more of 1421 stories.

Their theory hinges on the Chinese Written Language, which in their web site, is noted as the oldest and continuous written language in the world and was first written over 4500 years ago. To understand their theory, you have to know that each Chinese character is a word by itself and certain more complex characters are actually made by combined from other simple characters.

One example given is the Chinese Word for Elder Brother is combined from the character for Mouth and Man, with the explanation that the Elder Brother is usually the spoke person for the family. Ie a Man that speaks.

Back to the theory - Remember the Tower of Babel in the Bible? Where the Bible god, created different languages and make the people move apart? The Point given is that this happenaround 5000 years ago, and the division was 500 years before the Chinese language was found to be first written, and there fore certain characters were influence by this Great Happening and from the Bible.

Hence due to this division in language the Chinese migrated from Babylon, ie Move or Walk, after the Division to the West of Babylon, It is then stated that the Chinese Character for Migrate, consists of the following characters – Great, Division, West, Walk.

More example are given, one that struck me is on the Garden of Eden, that a place of Happiness and Blessing Right?. They claim that the Chinese Character for Happiness and Blessing consists of: God, One, Man, Garden. Then they further claim that the word West (ie where Babylon is in relation to China) consist of the character: One, Person, Enclose Garden. Put together the characters of West and Woman, you will get the character Desire or To Want, String it all out you will get One, Person, Enclose Garden, Woman, You just might get the story of Adam and Eve.

I do not know how to read Mandarin, so i do not know what they explain is true. Would anyone care to comment? and if the above is true is this too much coincidence?, Again 1421 theory come in to mind. If this theory is right?, well I am loss for words.

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