Monday, March 2, 2009

Another “Gurney Drive” for Penang, The Deck and The Promenade


Penang is known for its Sea Side Recreation areas of Gurney Drive at Pulau Tikus and Esplanade at George Town. Last year IJM the builders of Penang Coastal Highway came out with The Deck and The Promenade, for the folks staying on the eastern side of the island at Julutong.

On one of my trips back to the Island, I drop by to see what the fuss. The best thing about this place is the view of the Penang Bridge. It was quite empty when I was here, could be due to the time, however I notice there is neither a food court nor any other facilities around here.

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IJM have a number of housing projects in this area, and I suppose it will take a bit of time for this place to come up and to be popular and will rival Esplanade and Gurney Drive in the future. There are still a number of empty lots in the area.

The High light of the place is this two sculptures call “A Celebration of our Blue Sky” and “The Rhythms of life”. Not too far away is a Chinese Temple.

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