Monday, March 9, 2009

Battery Booster?

@ snapshorts

Ever ran out of battery mid way though the day? Ever wish that you can extend your battery life span? Bet you have. How to do it? Buy more battery, or Buy a Higher capacity battery, Switch on your device only when you use it? Not very practical is it?

Well a friend of mind have found a way, He wrap his batteries, in aluminum foil, he has done it with his remote batteries, his clock batteries, and now his hand phone batteries. His Nokia N70 batteries is around 2 years old, and can only last him for around 18 hours a day after a full charge, with the aluminum foil wrap around it, It lasted him 48 hours that a big improvement.

A Hand Phone Battery wrapped in Aluminum foil to boost it life span.

Now a word of warning, for him it works, I have not use it myself, so I cannot verify it my self yet, so I do not know if it will work for you, or if anything else (good or bad) might happen, If you want to try it out your self, by all means do so, If it works or do not work, or you know someone use it this way why not leave a comment here so all may know about it.

In this days of economic gloom, every single cent save counts.

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