Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Erase you Private Data and make sure they stay erased.


At this time in Malaysia, I am sure privacy Concerns is increasing with unexpected “naughty” photos or videos of well known persons or of every Ah Beng, Ahmad or Vellu, or their female counterpart turning up right, left and centre in various locals, websites, dvds and many other places.........

The thing is when you delete a file / picture from Hand phone, Memory Cards, Hard Disks, that file/ picture is actually still there, and recoverable to those with programs to recover the data. I myself use a free program to recover the files I have accidentally deleted.

All these files are actually recoverable in full or impartial, unless your devices have actually made use of that portion of memory for other purpose. There are ways that I know off (which may not be practical) to make sure that your files are fully deleted.

1. Filled up the Memory use, (full with other files to ensure that you have overlay / use the portion of memory that has been use) - Not very practical is it.

2. Destroy the Memory concern – again not practical

3. Save all your files in removable drives, pen drives , or memory cards only, in other words do not use internal memory – Now this is possible and then keep those drives or memory card with you when you send the devices for repair,

4. Remove the memory used, not so practical, if you know how to remove the memory you do not need to send the devise to the shop right?

Now I have stumble across a way to completely erased files at ). Please Note I myself have not use this program / website therefore I cannot verify it claims. If anyone have tried this out or have other methods drop me a note, in the comments section to share with others. We may not be well known persons but I think we do value our privacy.

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