Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yummy Ice Cream at Tesco Extra Penang


I drop by at Tesco Extra Penang, (It on the GPS so I will not give the coordinates, and it a well know place next to USM Penang so also no map) to do some shopping. Been a long time I was last here, in fact that was way before the place change names.

There is a “Yummy” ice cream stall (from Australia) at the food court which is offering 50% discount, RM1 for a Sunday cup, and RM0.50 for a cone. This Yummy brand is from Australia and they also have yoghurt ice cream. In fact the Ice Cream I had seem to be low sugar as well according to my taste.

This is RM1 after a 50% discount

The King’s Confectionery Bakery here is good, My Daughter had the Cheese Cake for RM4.50, I had a bite. Not bad.

The Point of this Post? I wonder why good and favorite things are always not where I stay, where I am? Must the grass be always greener some other places?

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