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Penang New World Park – A Introduction

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GPS Coordinates N 05.25.301 E 100.19.651 (malsingmaps) – Parking New World Park

One of the most popular places for Food and Beverage now a days in Penang is the New World Park. It offers the widest verity of good and reputable F&B Restaurants and best hawker/street stalls in Penang. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that one of the best Street Food Hawker Stall Groupings from next door Swatau lane have been move here lock stock and barrel and house in a nicely design cool food court with the cleanest toilets around. Its regular patrons even include our New DAP Penang Chief Minister, Mr Lim Guan Eng.

This Food and Beverage Complex is divided in to two section, The Restaurant Section faces Burma Road, while the Food Court faces Swatow lane. In the restaurant section you will get the franchise restaurants and some standalone restaurants such as Old Town Coffee, Starbucks, Star View Chinese Restaurant, Mizi Bristol .........

In the Food Court section, you will find one of the best selections of Multi racial Penang hawker food available in town, there is traditional hawker food like char koew teow(Fried spicy flat rice noodles with seafood), hokkian noodles (yellow noodles in prawn soup), otak otak(steam spicy fish with egg), pasembor(Indian style, vegetarian salad), mee mamak(Indian style noodles), ho chen(oyster omelette), penang laksa (rice noodles in spicy fish soup), penang royak (fruit salad in spicy prawn paste) mix in with sushi, and newer hawker food. Note: all the above are penang names.

This food court is open 7days a week, with the stalls taken turns for their off day, usually most of the stalls will be open for lunch. Parking is a breeze in their car parks as well as the streets around. The Best thing about this food court is their clean toilets, high and airy leading to a cool environment and good collection of good Hawkers stalls. Note: Muslim patrons please note that most of the stalls do not serve halal food.

For the Diehard traditionist, all is not lost, the original kopi tiam(coffee shop) housing this hawkers is still around. Now it’s not so congested, but the food verity is almost the same here.

A brief History of New World Park.

In the prewar days, New World park was a amusement park, which also offer strip shows, one of them from Malaysia Striptease queen Rose Chan (Pls correct me if I am wrong) after that it fell in to disuse and was left abandoned for many years. Recently it was redeveloped in to the Food and Beverage complex it is now. Anchoring this complex is the well known Swatau lane hawkers, which was located just beside the park, and has been operating on the roadside next to a Small Kopi Tiam for many years

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