Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scams on Line


On Line Scam Or Internet Scams abound, and come in various methods, such as You have Won a Lottery, You have Inherited Money, etc Some are easy to identify while some are not so easy.

My Public E Mail address, have been “collecting” this scams for two years. One of the first E mail I got was a invitation to supply my products to them without even asking me what I sell or how much my products costs.

The Types of Scams I receive is listed below

1. I would like to purchase your Product!

2. You have won a lottery! for various amounts

3. You have won a award! which has a cash gift

4. Assistance to gain a Inheritance!

5. Need to send money out of a country!

6. Receive a Grant!

As I have mention, there are some that are easily identifiable with “the with date of the award” was before the date I register my e mail address” to those that use a reputable name, like “a Microsoft award”, a “Google Chinese New Year Promotion” and now even with certificates. (see photo of one of the certificates below with a numerous good name company or agency.)

So you guys out there, it just like the Scam SMS, if an offer sound too good to be true, it probably is. Who will want to give you money, a lot of money? Father Christmas? Your Parents? Or a Stranger.

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