Thursday, February 5, 2009

Batu Ferringhi @ Night


Batu Ferringhi Night Market seem to be very well known, I had out station colleagues (especially KLites) pestering me to take them here whenever they visit even if the journey to get here take one and a half hours.

Its Chinese New Year Eve and after 2 reunion dinner, I was pretty full, it was time for some light exercise, so I went for a little walk, Here are a few Photo’s of the Batu Ferringhi Night Market

Batu Ferringhi @ Night

Close Up of The Ship Restaurant (Steaks, Western Style Cuisine)

Zoom Photo of the Stalls

A Kampong House, decorated for Chinese New Year, Observe the 3 giant joss stick

Ferrighi Plaza, House a Seafood Restaurant, and a Hawker Complex Together

A Brazilian Restaurant

Hand Held Shot of Decorated Apartments

Not much people around this Chinese New Year Eve. Tourists seem to be a mix of Middle East and Caucasian tourist. Restaurant are either half full or close to empty.

Batu Ferringhi should be developed also as a eco, cultural and natural tourist destination, not just as a place for customers to stay and to enjoy the beach, and the daily Pasar Malam. Batu Rerringhi Roots as an Orchards and Fishing Village should be enhance. The end result would mean more business overall.

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