Saturday, February 7, 2009

“My Voice” Survey – Invitation


I have been a participant for the On line “My Voice” Survey, after 3 years after joining I manage to get enough surveys done to earn a RM40 jaya jusco voucher, I fill up the online forms on 19th Jan 09 for a RM40 shopping spree and I got it yesterday 6th Feb 2009. It is not much, but it will mean a treat of 4 Jusco pizzas for my cheese loving daughters.

I was attracted to this when checking out what to do to earn some extra income. I just sign up for this inclusive of others, which all did not work out. There are many scams for work at home etc over the mass media and the internet.

For every survey you participate in you get points, anywhere from 50 to 200 points, I manage to qualify and participate in 5 survey in the 3 years, some of the surveys are so long winded, some are short ones. Of course the long winded ones you get more points. The thing is you are telling those people in power or making decisions your opinions, and influencing decisions and hopefully it counts.

How come I manage only 5 surveys? Well I did not check my e mail frequently enough in especially in 2007 (no daily access), and there were times where I miss out as I did not manage to reply fast enough, there were time I was not interested, or I did not have the time to answer the questions, there were time where I did not qualify, as I did not fit the profile they want.

For those who want to sign up to earn a Jusco voucher, a movie voucher, a item (for the moment)etc (you get to choose your reward), drop your e mail and your name, in the comment section (will not publish it), I will then inform My Voice that you would like to participate (note: for those over 18 years old only), I only have 19 invites only so ....... Further from time to time there will be further prize draws (if I am not mistaken – have not won any yet)

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