Sunday, February 8, 2009

Restaurant Tingkat Lima for Nibong Tebal Koey Teow Th’ng


GPS Coordinates N 05.10.520 E 100.28.588

This night eatery is in the ground floor of a 5 story building, hence it very imaginative name of Restaurant Five “Floors”. It is located at the Jalan Sg Daun area of Nibong Tebal Town, and is right at the Night Market “Street” every Sunday. I will usually have my dinner here just before walking it off at the Night Market which stretch around 500 meters

This Kopi Tiam offer a verity of food, however what good here is the Nibong Tebal Koey Teow which in my opinion is just about as good at the one in Nibong Tebal Town (link) which is only open during lunch time. Here and There is exactly the same with various pork spare parts, meat and skin, Yummy.

Next is the Hokkian Char KL Style, For this visit I am disappointed as the normal chilli is not serve, however the thick round rice noodles in darksauce with pork fat crotons, vegetables and meat did not disappoint . Frankly speaking you will be hard press to find this dish in Penang though its very common in KL. Asking for this dish in Penang will get you the Penang Style of Fried Hokkian Mee.

Char Koey Teow here is usually also not bad when compared with Penang. Not this trip though, Must be due to the New Year Season.

For those passing by on Sunday this is a excellent place to dine on some good food and to go for a walk, it’s the highlight of the week for the folks here anyway. For those who cannot make it for Lunch Koey Teow Th’ng you now have a second choice There is a Fun Fair going on next to the Kopi Tiam currently that why I am jumping que on my postings.

Google Map of the Location(please unzoom to see Nibong Tebal Town)

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