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The Penang Buddhist Association

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GPS Coordinates N 05.24.904 E 100.19.056

On the final day of my Chinese New Year leave (2nd day of Chinese New Year), I decided to drop by at the Penang Buddhist Association with my family. I have not been here for a long time. I had vague memories of this place in my childhood where my mother use to drop by to pay the monthly dues for her Mother and Father. These dues were some sort of “savings” or “insurance” for future funeral expenses if i was not mistaken.

Interior Photo's (without lightings)

Spiral Stairs

some statues
Joss Pot

I surf the Internet for some sort of information on this place, other than maps, there were not much information other then 2 websites which I have listed out below.

Candle stand

"The Penang Buddhist Association building along Anson Road, was founded by a group of Straits Chinese Buddhists who desired to study Buddhism in its pure form, uncorrupted by elements of Taoism that is prevalent among the local Chinese. The association was founded in 1925. The present structure was completed in 1931 in the late Straits Eclectic style."

the Building

Lit up interior

"Instead of the typical colourful design of most Chinese temples, this one show Art Deco influences and looks like a frosted cake, all white and pastel. Interior Buddha figures are carved from Italian marble, and glass chandeliers hang above."

"The interior is ornately decorated with polished floor titles, multi-tiered chandeliers’, and mother-of-pearl inlaid furnishing. The high-vaulted main hall houses several statues of the various incarnation of Buddha."

"Penang's Buddhist community gathers here on Wesak Day (April/May) to celebrate the triple holy-day of the Buddha's birthday, attainment of enlightenment and death."

This Unique Building is off the usual Penang Tourist Routes or information centers and its mainly visited by locals only, It is worth a visit, especially if you visit the Padang Brown Food Centre which is just on the other side of the road, which cater to all the races in Malaysia.

Lecture Hall

General Information:

Address : 168 Jalan Anson, George Town, 10400 Malaysia

Telephone: 60 4228 0910

Open Hours: 8am to 6pm Daily

Information obtains from the following web sites and personal visit.

Foot Note: I was privilege enough to drop by at a time where I could manage to take 2 different set of photos of the Interior, One set without light, the other set is with the lights switch on. All photos taken without flash, I do not like to use flash photography in places of worship or in fact any public places.

Joss Urn
close up of the pagodaanother view of the pagoda

Location Map (courtesy of google)

View Larger Map

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