Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nibong Tebal Koey Teow Th’ng

Coordinates: N 05.09.937 E100. 28.661

Koey Teow Th’ng when translated become Broad flat rice noodles in Soup, is a typical Chinese Dish found in many Coffee Shops, Street Stall around in Malaysia. You can usually find this dish for breakfast, lunch and tea, and in some place for dinner.

The Rice Noodles are Blanche in boiling water and is serve with a soup, accompanied with various boiled meats, innards or spare parts, seafood, vegetable. There is a version that the accompaniments are boiled together with the Noodles which make it a fresher and tastier dish.

This is the version that is served in Tick Kee Coffee Shop, and they do a good job here. Both of us had a Large bowl, which come at RM5.00 per bowl, but is full of pork meat, innards, prawns, breansprouts and the koey teow of course. It’s one of the best I have tasted, together with it's giant dish of chillies sauce. They do the Koey Teow here like how Beef Koey Teow Soup is serve. Close Monday, Open for Lunch Only.

This coffee shop is located along a narrow lane, Lorong Siong Right in the Middle of Nibong Tebal Town. It is advisable to park and walk in. Please see attach Map to the location for those without GPS and for those with GPS and with Malsingmap, look for Tick Kee Coffee Shop in the Point of Interest.

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