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Recommended Hawker Food @ New World Park Hawker Food Center, Penang.

The Original Wall of New World Park


The Swatau Lane Hawkers now at New World Park Hawker Food Centre, are renown for their good food, you can almost make no mistake here just by going to any stall to order any of their dishes. My recommendations for this food court are

Curry Mee

Penang Style, Noodles of various type, serve in a Curry Soup with usually blood clams (cockles), prawns or shrimp, beansprouts, many also have chicken/pork blood pudding, chicken curry, shredded chicken or pork .

Char Koey Teow

Broad Rice Noodles (think of fettuccini) stir fried with prawns, greens, beansprouts usually with prawns, blood clams (cockles) and Chinese sausage. The oil that certain stalls use are pork oil and with deep fried pork fats (look like croutons) and is usually one of the more well know stall. This is one of Penang most well known dish and is

Otak Otak (from the Chee Cheong Fun Stall)

Package of Banana Leaf enclose spicy fish with eggs, in Penang this dish is steam, in Johor baru, it is serve grilled over charcoal wrapped in coconut leaf.

Hokkian Mee Soup

Penang Style, Noodles of various types, serve in a Prawn Soup with prawn meat, slice pork, beansprouts and water convolus , at certain stalls you may add in pork ribs, braised chicken feet, pork intestines. Among others

Ho Chen (Oyster Omelette)

A Spicy omelette of eggs, cornflour, baby oysters and herbs

Penang Laksa

Penang Style, thick round rice noodles, serve in a spicy fish soup, garnish with bunga kantan (torch ginger flower) fish flakes, sheared cucumber and most important prawn paste,

Penang Rojak

A salad of various fruits and cuttle fish topped with a special mixture of spicy prawn paste (nuts,) powder belachan (dry prawns proteins) and suger among others items) there are those (I am among them) that say that the stall at the Original Kopi Tiam serve the best rojak (Majestic Rojak). Actually the one here is close to it in terms of taste.

Ice Kachang

Shaven Ice with various items in it, usually topped with durian Ice cream. Again this is one item that the Original Kopi Tiam is better know for.


A salad of various vegetables topped with a mild peanut gravy, one may add additional ingredients in to this dish, which can cause a portion price to increase.

Mee Mamak

Indian style noodles, usually fried with bean curd, tomato, corn fritters, there is a blanche version call Mee Rebus where the noodles is topped with a Mild Potato Gravy. The Stall here is one of the more well known ones in Penang.

Cucur Udang

Prawns Fritters Indian style serve with cucumber and beancurd with a chilly / peanut dipping sauce

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