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Penang Sleeping Buddha at Wat Chayamagkalarm

Arch at the Entrance


GPS Coordinates N 05.25.891 E 100.18.819

Wat Chayamagkalaram at Burmah Lane, a suburb of Pulau Tikus in Penang. house a beautiful exquisite gold plated reclining Buddha. For your information each position of the Buddha represent as specific meaning. The reclining Buddha represents Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical Buddha, at his death which symbolizes complete peace and detachment from the world.

“In the reclining position, Buddha lies on its right side with its head resting in the palm of its right hand to the North. He sleeps by turning His body to the right side and placing His left leg put over the right one. This position on the couch symbolizes the Mahaparinirvana (Enlighthenment or achieving Nirwana) of the Buddha which took place at Kushinagara (Uttar Pradesh, India). A peaceful half-smile gracing its serene face”

It is supposed to be the World's third largest reclining Buddha at 33 metres long. Though this may be disputed, however I think it could by the Third largest “indoor” reclining Buddha. (Correct me if I am wrong)

This traditional and gorgeous Thai temple complex also consists of many smaller shrines of Buddhas and popular Thai deities. Visitors to the fantastically ornate temple grounds, can see many beautifully carved and lavishly coloured statues of Devas and other mythical creatures such as gigantic `naga' serpents.

Story of the Lord Gautama Buddha is portray in a series various painted images around the temple. You will find tiles of lotus patterns laid on the floor of the temple, which is a powerful symbol in Buddhism. At the back and inside of the reclining Buddha, you'll find niches contain urns with ashes of the dead devotees.

There is a nine-storey pagoda approximately 165 feet high and reputed to be the highest such structure in the country is found on the site. Behind the temple is a small Thai village and a Thai cemetery. Local Thais celebrate the traditional Buddhist festivals (the Sonkran and the Loy Krathong) at Wat Chayamangkalaram.

History of the Temple

“The temple was built in 1845 by a Buddhist monk who came from Thailand. The five acres of land was donated by Queen Victoria to the Thai community as a gesture of goodwill to Thailand. The first monk was a Theravada Buddhist monk from Thailand, Phorthan Kuat, also known as the "Powerful Monk". The legend about the monk tells us, that he was very fond of “Laksa”, the local speciality of Penang. Even today devotees bring a bowl of laksa as an offering to his shrine.“

Please take note:Justify Full

Please remove your shoe before entering the temple

Other Information

Admission Fee : Free

Opening Hours : 6.00am till 5.30pm

Address: Lorong Burma, Pulau Tikus

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  1. Hi, nice post :)

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