Saturday, February 21, 2009

Effective Communication with the Rakyat

One of many methods use in reaching out and sending a message to the rakyat is via exhibitions or promotions booths in Hypermarkets. It can be effective as most of us will at least visit a Hypermarket at least once a month for some groceries if not more as can be seen by the Banks, Credit Card Firms and many others companies setting up such booths at various Hypermarkets.

They use Vertical Streamers, promotion pamphlets, TV, and gimmicks such as balloons, and other free gifts to attract and to distribute their message. What surprisingly or what not so surprisingly is that these companies have done their homework and have staff their booths accordingly to the flow of potential customer. Ie more staff when there is expected to be more people around, and usually not leaving the booth unattended.

NGO’s and Government Agencies are now beginning to use this method in Hypermarket to get information out to the rakyat. I recently saw Consumer association of Penang and Dental Heath when I was at Carrefour just before the Chinese New Year, Unfortunately the booths was not manned at 5.18 pm on a week day.

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