Thursday, February 5, 2009

Perak Goverment at Cross Roads

Look like the result is BN 28 with a additional of 3 independent and PR with 28 seats, its seems that its all up to the Perak Sultan, as the PR MB has requested for state by elections and BN want to form the New Government.

I must say that it seems that most in the Blogsphere is against the crossover starting with our Former PM, and Tengku Razaleigh, and with most bloggers wanting state by election to be held. Well this decision is out of our hands. Mostly I will say we are just observer here.

It seems that there are roumours on a few other states as well that there may be crossover, Kedah, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan were mention in the Blogshpere as well as in the Media. Hmmm transfer season must be still open...

Update 4pm: Dato Najib announce (over TV1) just before 4pm that BN is waiting for the Sultan Of Perak decision to either disslove the State Assembly or allow BN to from the Goverment.

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