Thursday, January 15, 2009

Year 5 Education, Mid of Jan 09

Another White Slip of Paper came with Eldest Daughter, when she came back to school. This time it’s for a Computer book, RM12/- , So this brings the total up to, RM92/- Year to date and it’s not half of the first month yet, this is the status of “Free” education right now.

You still pay, it is not 100% free, therefore I have a small request ,use the word subsidies and make it known exactly what is free. And what is to be paid for and if so how much.

I am now waiting for the Lap top they say they want to provide to school students starting with those in Terengganu, Why start in Terengganu?, I don’t want to speculate. I however will make a prediction, those notebooks will come preloaded with many many trail ware, dictionary, educational and games which after a period of trail the students will bug the parents to pay to continue to have access, and also have to pay for Anti Virus / Anti Spam Protection. Later there will be more software to add on.

Oh Yes, there is no sign of any receipt at all. So easy to ask money, never bother to give receipt. Oh yes Sorry, teachers are very busy no time to issuer receipt, yes i know but why the teacher have to issuer receipt? I am debating should I write to the Headmaster to ask him for the receipt? My wife will say no, dont want to make eldest Daughter to be a target do we?

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