Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mini, & Macro Tangerine or Mandarin Orange

When the going get tough, the tough get going, in this harder economic times, farmers and traders get innovative, We use to get the standard mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year, This year we have Mini and Macro size Tangerine or Mandarin Oranges as well, at least that what I call them. The Mini ones are bigger than the 50 cent coins while the Macro Size ones are around the 20 cents coins.

It’s the size that make me purchase them, after all around 40 years or more of eating the Oranges, I got turn off and only consume the token one or two during the Chinese New Year. The Mini ones taste like normal, while the Macro ones, are also known as Sugar Oranges actually taste slightly sweeter. In the Photo above the mini ones are on the left, closest the suger ones are on the right.

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