Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sg Bakap Temple Laksa Shack

Coordinates : N 05.13.471 E 100.29.897

As mention before Getting standard hawker food at Penang Mainland is difficult, but when you live on the mainland and need your hawker fix, you really have to search. Once in a while you do find some nice nuggets around. Nice food but more suited to the local taste.

Penang Laksa, Round Rice Noodles, in a mild spicy and sourish fish broth, topped with Juliann lettuce, cucumber, onions consume with prawn paste, not to be mistaken with the Klang Valley Version which we penang kia (boy) call it Curry Mee

Another Traditional Penang Dessert, Pandan Flavoured Dumplings in a sweet sauce accompenied by beans.

Any way back to Penang Laksa, on the Penang Mainland Penang Laksa is slightly different, they don’t use Bunga Kantan, there for it seem to be less fragrant, and shops & stalls over here put in Boil Eggs and or Prawns Crackers, which bring it in to a different dimension in to it.

There is this Shack, next to Sg Bakap Temple, which just serve Laksa, with some desserts, chendol and home brew drinks. The Laksa Standard is actually on the high side here and the noodles are actually prepared the old style way, in small round bunches. Use to remember (way back 30 years ago) when I when back to Grandma House in Zoo Road there is a Singh Kuih Seller that sell laksa this way. So its bring a sense on nostalgia.

Leong Fun Pudding

Finally manage to take My wife and three kids there, and we polish of 3 bowls of laksa, 2 soya bean pudding, 2 leong fun pudding, one chendol for tea this fine Monday all for RM14/-. All the food is definitely on the higher standard. And the atmosphere of eating in a country side shack, with a temple for a backdrop and a traditional vegetable farm next door, you will be hard press to find in Malaysia with development mushrooming all over.

Its only open between 2.30pm to around 5pm, Taste rating for a Main land laksa is 8 out of 10, the desserts and chendol are nice also for Mainland hawker fair. But then it is not all taste, let talk of a ambiance of eating laksa in a country side shack next to a temple and a vegetable farm...... unforgettable ........ so what are you waiting for... key in the GPS coordinates and start driving.

view from the table

Location :

Need some finding, Right in the middle of Sungai Bakap town, is a small country road heading for Valdor, turn in that road, if you are driving north, turn left after the Market and drive till you see a Chinese Temple at the First T junction, the Laksa Shack is on the right of it.

Map : go Here then unzoom map its the red dot.

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