Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome Year of the Ox


Read in the Papers by Various Fung Shui Expert , Food and Beverage Industry will do ok, Entertainment Industry not so good. Let Hope for all it will be not so rocky as one expert say, it will not all be bad news. Welcome Year of the Ox be kind to this middle age rabbit.

Traffic on the PLUS Highway back to Penang was light on Sunday 25th at 10am, I have no problems at all even at the Bridge, in Penang during the New Year day and the 2nd day to me where I was going traffice is light, On the 2nd Day, on my way back from Penang to SPS, at 5pm the Bridge Island bond was choke at the toll booth (before and after), and when I pass by again at 7pm traffic was very heavy heading in to the Island along the PLUS Highway.

Seems that people are heading into Penang after the New Year ;-) Kong Hai Fatt Choy, Happy New Year.

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