Friday, January 23, 2009

Electrical Bicycle


While walking in town, I came across this Electrical Bicycle, nothing new I suppose, as there have been electrical bicycles from ages ago, but what new is the attitude to this devices or gadgets now a days. There are no more toys but serious vehicles for transportations. Though limited in range, they are much more economical and I believe more eco friendly then motorcycles and cars.

At the height of the oil crisis, last year, I even contemplate purchasing one to go to work, (if the price of petrol keep going up), which is 6km along Federal Route 1, which is full of Heavy vehicles. My wife veto the Idea, with reasons of my Physical Fitness, Heavy Vehicles Traffic, Fumes, my odd working hours, (5am going to work, returning as late as 1am at times), and the last stretch of almost deserted road to my work place.

I believe this bicycle is imported from china, I even remember 10 plus years back there were the “almost skate board like” scooters imported from china which were banned by the Ministry of Transport. These vehicles if properly introduce, certified, encourage would fill a nich in big cities, neighbourhood residential housing areas, will result in reducing the consumption of petrol as well as fumes produce in-city.

I would say that the Tanjung Bungah State Assembly Man, Mr Teh Yee Cheu , will be the right person to take it up with as he seem to be interested in bicycles, with a trip to China on Bicycle just after the 2008 elections, as well as his ideas of Bicycle lanes brought up in the Penang State Assembly.

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