Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fuk Luk Sau. Carlsberg Giveaways


Cute gifts by Carlsberg in the Chinese New Year Mood. Fuk, Luk, Sau or Alternatively Fu, Lu, Shau are Traditional Popular Chinese Figurines representing Prosperity, Authority or Blessing and Longevity.

Fuk is the deity of wealth and prosperity. He is usually represented wearing a red robe and carrying a gold ingot and his place is on the right of Luk. Fuk would help you improving your earnings and being prosperous, as well as it would attract prosperity for all those who live in the house or space where it is placed. The Chinese character "fu or fuk" means good fortune, blessings, happiness.

Luk is the deity which stands in the center and symbolizes power and authority. The Chinese character "lu or luk" means “official's salary” in imperial China. Being an “Official or Mandarin” during Imperial China is the road to prosperity, and authority.

The deity named Sau symbolizes longevity and is represented carrying nectar in a bottle. (the Youth nectar?)The chinese character "sau or shou" is very straight forward and means longevity.

In Fung Shui Speak, Together, Fuk, Luk and Sau are a very strong power which attracts wealth, health and prosperity all together.

Fuk Luk Sau should be placed at the dining room or the living room. Besides, it is important that they are placed on a high table, never on a low one. They are also ideal to be placed at a person's back, giving protection and support.

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