Sunday, January 11, 2009

Valley of Gold Pasar Malam

Coordinates: N 05.14.397 E 100.29.540

Valdor or Val d’or can be translated in to Valley of Gold hence the title of this post., It’s a Chinese new village (resettle to this location during Malaysian Communist time) and is not too far away from Nibong Tebal. Its house a pasar malam every Wednesday with a very Chinese atmosphere.

Shoes for Sales

Mandarin Orangein a Fruit Stalls

What a pasar malam?, it the Malaysian answer to a supermarket except that it is along a street, its traders move from places to places and its is usually opens at night when it is cooler, and most people are not working.

What is available in a street market with a Chinese atmosphere? Well, from food, to toys, from sushi to clothing’s, from shoes to belts, from CD’s to decorative items from medical products to bakery items.

Some Stalls have places for you to sit down and eat, some you have to Tapau, take away and eat.

What so special that I have to blog on it? It’s laid back atmosphere, that what you cannot find in urban area night street markets. You have to experience this place and savour its foods, check out the stalls for its goods, A worthwhile visit.

Muar Chee - a starch snack coated with ground nuts

Your only concern is the weather, if it rain early, it will not open, if it rain after you arrive, you have to run for shelter. Like what happen during this visit.

Pasar Malam in the Villages are a major life line for the village Folks, all those items not found or are limited in verity in the village stores are brought to their doorsteps at very reasonable price.


As you drive down the Federal Road 1, from Butterworth, after passing the Simpan Empat Bomba, turn left after the Flyover at the traffic lights, then turn left again at the next possible spot.

Map: Go here, unzoom, its the blue dot

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