Sunday, January 11, 2009

Night Photos / Low Light Photos with the Nokia N82, Phone Camera Review

Nokia N82, is call the "soul of the night" in a Nokia Advertisement I saw or something like that. In my opinion it lives up to its name because of its camera.

Here is a series of shots, that I took at a Golf Resort in Seberang Prai Selatan, On one of the rare occasion where I am off on a Saturday night, I got shanghaied in to driving a few friends to drive them to a function organised by one of the local factory. As such I have plenty of time on my own exploring the area with the GPS, as well as an opportunity to take some Night Photographs and Function Type Photographs.

On Night Mode Setting, I took this photo of People Practicing Golf under the moon, I understand that this night is the night where the moon is suppose to be closest to Earth. Now who would want to practice putting in the Night?

On Auto Setting, a photo of the Resort Driveway.

I sneak in to the Function hall during the show, and snap this shots, On Auto Mode, No Zoom

On Auto Mode, Full Zoom, photo is blurry, cannot make out details.

On Auto Mode, Mid Zoom, No bad with around X3 digital zoom

Note: All the shots taken were handheld, and without Flash


I must say I am pretty please with the Nokia N82 camera in this challenging lighting conditions and in the fact that we can take handheld shots with minimal camera shake and even with digital zoom.. This camera phone can replace most standalone digital cameras except for two items, No Optical zoom, (from what I understand at 5mp, it has a 6 X zoom rating) and you cannot have close up mode (macro) and night mode at the same time – (SE 750i has it) so food photography in low light conditions without flash is out, you do need close up, and in dim lit restaurant you do not want to have flash going off all the time. Overall Digital Cameras has improved tremendously over the years.

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