Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Super Fast Chinese Food at Federal Road 1, at Restaurant Soon Chi, Sg Bakap Penang

Coordinates N 05.13.970 E 100.29.469

Heavy rain at the Val d’or force us to run for it, and we started looking for a place nearby for dinner, located in the New Town of Sungai Bakap, is Restaurant Soon Chi.

As this our first time here, we basically left it to the order taker, who seem to be interested in pushing seafood items, but we turn him down, and we said we wanted a chicken, a pork, a vege and a soup for the 2 adults, 1 gowning up kid, and 2 kids.

His recommendation was Marmite Chicken (RM10), Sweet Sour Pork (RM8), a Broccoli (RM5) and a White Carrot Soup (RM7), which with two soft drink and Chinese tea for 2 persons came up to RM39.10. What surprise me was the speed of the food, it took barely the time for me to key in the Restaurant Name in to my Nokia N82, three of the dishes arrived. And the food is hot, not warm like it has been prepared earlier.

Marmite Chicken is basically Fried Chicken with some marmite stir fried with some curry leaf and whole chillies padi. Not too bad

Sweet and Sour Pork is the standard version you find every where

Broccoli turn out to be mix vegetables with broccoli.

The White Carrot soup with pork is nice .

So if you are in the area using federal road 1 and also in a big rush, this the perfect place to stop for your dinner. As I was playing around with the GPS I notice that there is a place that is name Soon Chi Seafood 150 meters away, but when I pass by, I did not see it. One more thing, the Deep Fried Pork Leg trotters look good..... that was order by a neighbouring table.


Coming from north just after the Simpang Empat Bomba, there is a fly over, and traffic light, go straight and turn right and turn left, proceed around 100 + meters near Bank Simpanan National (which is on GPS) and Cosway is the restaurant.

I found out why my photos get blurry with the Nokia N82, I usually shoot without the flash, as such set the camera on “Night Mode” to compensate for the low light, the thing is with Nokia N82 you cannot also enable night mode and close up mode at the same time. Looks I have to set it to close-up mode and disable flash and hope the photo turn up well.

Map : go here its the green dot

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