Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reunion Dinner Chinese New Year 09

Much have been written in the media and the blogs about what will be or should be serve for the Reunion Dinner for Chinese New Year. Well frankly it’s up to each individual family traditions, and economics, and the number of person around or when can they turn up.

I am a Cantonese Chinese, My Parents prepared this dinner menu which was modified over the years to the following dishes for ease of preparation, and it has become a tradition with us.

One Whole Roast Duck (Purchase from a Neighbourhood Stall)

Chiku (Arrow Root) with Pork Belly in Dark Soya Sauce

Steam Chinese Sausage (Liver)

All serve with Mustard, and Spring Onions, My Family typically consume meat at night, seafood in the day. So its mainly meat dish. Vegetable Dish will be the normal ones which we eat daily. There is only 5 Adults, 1 Child, and 2 Toddlers in our reunion dinner on my parents side.

Mustard to eat with Ice Cold Spring Onions

My 2nd Reunion Dinner Starts at around 8.30pm after the first dinner and its at my wife parents apartment, My Wife parents are Hokkian and they have 4 children, all married and will come home at different times, As such they typically prepare (for the past 15 years that I know my wife), Steamboat, as when the different children and their family arrive they can partake their dinner, this also includes various Uncle and Aunts from My Wife Father side.

There will be enough food till dinner the next day.....

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