Thursday, January 29, 2009

Steam Boat – What goes in to a Steam Boat (Chinese Style) during Chinese New Year?


I will let the Pictures tell the story. It’s mainly process Seafood and meat for convenience for my wife family reunion steam boat dinner. In addition to this there were Sea Cucumber, Prawns, Brown Cuttle fish as well.......

"Saito" Fish Cake, Saito is a type of fish that produce the best fish cakes, i think it is call in malay Ikan Parang in english Wolf Herring. Sai Toh Yee

Other assorted Process fish, in beancurd
Seafood Tauhu (Beancurd)

Fish Balls and Fish Paste in Beancurd

"Crab Stick" and Pork Skin
Most Important Ingredient, Deep Fried Garlic in Oil
"Panda" Fish
More Process seafood, on the left is call fish nest.
Hard Boil Quil Eggs
Pork Balls.

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