Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Penang Kek Lok Si Temple @ Night, during Chinese New Year


With all the ruckus in the Chinese Media about Penang Premier Temple and Tourist Site, Kek Lok Si Temple being lit up for the New Year, I just could not resists it, I Headed for Ayer Itam after dinner on the First Day of the New Year, and snapped this shots, some from a secret location, the other along the Ayer Itam Road. Unfortunately I could not find a place near enough to face the Kuan Yin Statue Face on.

Overview of the Entire Kek Lok Si Temple Complex at Night during the Chinese New Year Festive Period 2009

A number of Photographers also turn up to snap the photos. When the temple is lit up, the effect is out of the world so to speak. Powerful, a Icon to Penang. In fact they should do this nightly, or at a minimum every weekend. Tours should be organise to bring tourist in at night, not just in the day time.

Close up of the Kek Lok Si Pagoda

Night Shot, Chinese New Year 2009

It was worth the trip especially there was not too much traffic around this Chinese New Year.

Kek Lok So Temple Complex
Night Photo CNY 2009

These photos are resized to 1280 by 800 px, the originals are in 7.1mp, If any persons would like a copy of any of the photos in the original resolution for PRIVATE use, please leave you email address in the comment (will not be publish), and which photo do you want. I will be then e mail it to you.


  1. What a wonderful shot of Kek Lok Si. Well done and Kong Xi Fa Chai.

    BTW, is it ok for me to use your night shot of the temple at my website at

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  2. Malaysian Explorer

    Permission Granted, credit me for the picture and just link in my blog to your website. Will you be needing the photos at the originals resolution? Drop by again more photos will be put up, over time!

    By the way, leave a comment with your e mail address, would like to get to know you better as we are both of similar age and in the tourism industry. Nice web by the way.



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