Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nibong Tebal Firefly

Coordinates to the Firefly Jetty : N 05. 09.860, E 100.28.540

Tourist Spots in Penang Mainland are rare, and are off the beaten trek, At Nibong Tebal one of the attraction here is the Nibong Tebal Firefly or also known as Sungai Kerian Flrefly

There is a company that organise boat trips in the evening for you to go and look for this Fireflys, Its contact is Seberang Prai Eco-Tourism Development Council, E mail address ppesps@gmail.com and this company also the contact for Telok Ipil Home Stay.

Beside the Firefly they can also organise the Octopus Catching, Boil Octopus is one of the speciality dish here at Nibong Tebal, Malsing GPS map have listed a Chinese Restaurant Sin Chang Kee, and this restaurant is famous for it Too Boh Suin, or Boil Octopus eaten with a sweet chilli sauce.

For those who decide to stay the Night and explore the area can stay at the Bukit Jawi Golf Resort, (Tel 04 – 5820759) an International Class Resort with 66 rooms, 2 penthouses, with extensive seminar facilities, the largest swimming pool and Ballroom in Seberang Prai. For those who play golf, you can also enjoy, its 36 hole golf course, the best in Northern Malaysia. It is located just 7km away for the Fire Fly Jetty. You can look up Bukit Jawi Golf Resort on the GPS.

Another Alternative is the Seri Jawi Inn which is also on the GPS, Jawi Inn is a budget class basic Inn, with twenty or so room located along the Federal Route 1, It Telephone Number is 04 – 5822280.

Some further information on the Firefly and Octopus catching is as below, please note that the information may be out of date.

a. Octopus Catching :

Price: cost RM88 per person,

Maximum: 10 persons to a boat.

Recommendation: During Low Tide Only,

Departure Time : 4pm

Return Time: 9pm

b. Firefly (Nibong Tebal Firefly)

Price: cost RM12 per person

Maximum: 15 persons to a boat.

Recommendation: Departure Time

Departure Time : 8pm

Return Time: Approx One Hour

Other Things that you can do here in this area is to Visit the Bukit Panchor National State Park On GPS, as well as visiting the Kwong Hock Keong Temple which have a lucky tortoise statue.

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