Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Year 5 Education Expenses

Education in Malaysia is supposed to be Free, but then there are many ways to define free. Books are supposed to be provided for free also. However not all if you are in Mandarin School, you have to pay for Science and Maths in Mandarin books, many thank to certain people who insisted that these subject must be also in this language (it's suppose to be thought in English). On the 1st day at school, this year they are already asking for Money for exercise books and work books. RM30/- is the Year to date expense right now for this year, and I intend to keep trek on this expenses.

I suppose it fair to pay for exercise book, after all you are using it, Work books I don’t feel and think so, as my eldest last year work books are not completed fully. I feel that it is make work, laziness and other unmentionable as this are books sold by head of schools and teachers, I could be wrong of course, in every profession there are always some black sheep but then I wonder. Last year, my daughter were requested to purchase magazines on all the subjects, workbooks, holiday book but to what purpose, nothing was done on those magazines, workbooks or holiday books during the classes.

I have no problem in paying for books or other things as well, after all education is important, just that are those books and items really used in classes? I purchase a abacus for my daughter when she enter year 1, and also a book on how to use it, those 2 items has been gathering dust since. Now I hear that certain additional fees will be requested in March, I wonder why that is done that way.

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