Friday, January 2, 2009

More on GPS Data and Maps in Nokia N82, and More on Landmarks Folder, Phone Review

I went for a long drive after work, after all, All work and No Play make Snapshots & Family grouchy, and I really wanted to test out the Nokia N82, GPS Data and Maps. I have the following tips, reminders to self to log.

Make sure You have loaded the Maps right to your Destination.

Earlier I use Map on a online via Wifi mode, to look for the way to Prai, and to Tanjung Bungah, I was driving on the North South Highway along the direction to Kepala Batas and I ran out of road (according to Maps), Ah, The Map for that road is not down loaded, well that have to be rectified, and remembered. I really have to load the map.

Navigation Mode

I enable GPS data Navigation Mode to drive from Tesco Extra Prai to my house, On this mode there is this compass, with the north, south, east, west marking, I then Option > Set Destination > Landmark > and scroll down to My House > Ok (soft Key), to set destination.

I then saw on the screen, the red dot indicating my destination, in the centre of the compass, the distance as the crow flies, with Destination, Duration and Speed written at the bottom,

Destination is My House, Duration Indicate the ETA in min (according to the Speed calculated) to arrive at the Destination, and then the Speed you are traveling at

Seeing the Save Locations on Maps

Using GPS data, I have saved the position of Tesco Extra Prai, as well at my house, and my work place. I even put in Icons for each of the location, in the landmarks folder I scroll down to the places I have save, hit option and scroll down to Landmark Icon and enable the Icons I wanted for each place.

Then I when to option > mark all, and back to options > show on Map and bingo, Map appear and with all Three icons on it. (You can also > mark – for individual save landmark)

Keep the Battery top up

GPS data and Maps were switch on for around 2.5 hours in total, and during the drive I keep the back light constantly switch on, Wifi was on around 30 min, I was exploring and using the phone almost the whole day from 11am, 5 calls in total. I almost ran out of Battery by the time I got back from my drive. One Bar left.

Well, while I was out I purchase some add on for the Nokia N82, one of which is a Car Charger, a Car Phone Holder, and 2 silicon skins one for my N82, the other for my SE 750i which my wife is now using. That should keep the Battery of the Nokia N82 topped up while its in the car, to display the GPS properlly and keep both phones from being damage if drop.

If you use the Nokia N82 heavily with multiple application, especially Maps, GPS data and Wifi, It will consume a lot of power and you can run out of Battery, It is advisable to keep the battery top up in the car when the GPS is on.

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