Saturday, January 3, 2009

Alarm Clock in the Nokia N82, Phone User Guide

Nokia N82 has an alarm clock that can be set to repeat, and that repeat is customisable, However in order to get it to repeat, you have to do the following.

Set up a New Quick Alarm first, It is the Clock, > Options > New Quick Alar.

Then go back to Option > (now you have more choice) > reset alarm> go to repeat > and you have 3 options for repeat, Daily, Weekly or Work Day.

To Set Work day go to Options > Settings > (here you can reset time, time zone, date, date format, date separator, time format 12hrs,24 hrs, time separator, clock type, clock tones, and workdays, and network operator time) Enter to mark, which day is your define work day. Neat. I unfortunately have to mark every day, as I do not have a fix off day.

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