Thursday, January 1, 2009

GPS and the Nokia N82 with reference to the (Big) User Guide

I am going through the GPS Section of the big User Guide first, as the GPS appeal to the garget geek in me. Overall in this section the user guide is well written but it may be overridden by new soft ware releases so reading it and looking in the phone for those sections got me confuse. Let’s start by setting up the GPS.

Integrated GPS

Nokia N82m have a GPS chip built in, and also have what that is call A-GPS which use data (which is charge) from cell phone tower to get a lock on your position. I don’t use data anyway, so I enable Internal GPS only.

Menu > Tool > Connect > GPS Data > Option > Position Settings > Integrated GPS

Connect to Internet or Down Load via Wifi or (To Save on data charges or if you do not have data charges) for Maps

In Maps, > Option > Tool > Setting > Internet > Default Access point > Search for Wlan

Getting a Lock

Go to an open space, wide open space, a open air car park is best.

GPS data Application

This is the place I got stump, Reading the Manual and trying to relate it to the phone is difficult, go out get a position lock then you will have options to play around with,

Below is the basic information which is self explanatory.

In GPS data you have 3 items to look at “Navigation”, “Position”, and “Trip Distance”

To Open GPS data, Menu > Tools > Connectivity > GPS data

To Save a Position, go to Position, Navigation, or Trip or click on Option > Save Position

To Go to a Position, go to Navigation > Option > Set Destination

To Get to your saved Position Menu > Tools > Connectivity > Landmarks, there you can edit the information on the landmark

For Further Information

Did you realise that with a GPS phone the possibility that other people can track you to 10 feet accuracy? Seem that there is a “Spy” ware out there that when install on the Person Hand Phone, that can do this! So be carefull fo Kind Hearted Gifts of GPS handphones.

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