Friday, January 23, 2009

Festive Season Mood & Festive Decoration & Festive Greetings


There is no feeling of the Chinese New Year Festive season 09, at least where I am currently staying. Last year 2 weeks before the actual celebration I could not sleep with fireworks blasting off during the night. This year no problem, in fact when I am writing this just 3 nights before the New Year start, I only hear around 3 blasts.

This feeling has started last year starting with the Hari Raya 08, then the Christmas celebration.... all very quiet, no decoration no mood etc. I will be heading back to Penang, back to Tanjung Bungah this Sunday, I do hope that the feeling will be a bit more merry there. This is one of the quietest Chinese New Year I have ever had, so far that is.

There are still shops and stalls selling festive decorations, I suppose that there are still people buying, may be at a smaller scale than before. As I said in an earlier post, traders get more innovative to push their products. Came across this stall at the Nibong Tebal Pasar Malam selling the deco and snap a photo more a less to test the Nokia N82 Night Mode..... Happy Chinese New Year 2009 Dear readers, I will be somewhere in Penang, hopefully exploring and soaking in the New Year Mood in Penang

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