Thursday, January 1, 2009

Travelling with the Nokia N82 GPS & Nokia Maps

I had a wee bit of fun yesterday afternoon on my way home. I switch on the GPS, and travel around 1km on the GPS data position page, and the rest of the way on Nokia Maps (with out the turn by turn driving enable).

I place the Phone on its side to enable the Landscape mode, on top of the dash, after I ensure I manage to get a GPS lock, and tried to match the speedometer with the speed given on the gps, well it was close, usually it was around 2kmph difference with the max around 5kmph. Fair enough after all the warning not to trust the GPS data in the Nokia Manuals.

After I answer a call ( stop by the side of the road of course) I enable the Maps in normal view, and drove the rest of the way, its accuracy is darn good, even gives the name of the road I am driving on, with the red dot showing my location all the way home. Darn, must get that Garmin mobile application soon so I can get turn by turn driving.

This morning I tried out the GPS Data (yes i work on New Year Day, Post date show 31st Dec, actually its 8am,1st Jan 09), Trip Distance on my way back to work, as well as the Maps (3D), I discovered, that it took me 12 min 11 sec, to travel the 6.8km from Home to Work, with a Average Speed of 35.1kmph, with a Max Speed of 94kmph.

I use the Map in 3d mode, I zoom in, and frankly not much difference, between Map normal and 3D other then the position of the “Camera” to a side and above view.


The only thing is how do I put the phone on top of the dash board and I wondered how to top up its charge it via a car charger , if the hand phone is on landscape mode, resting on its left edge, the charger socket is covered, Look like I to really scout around for a proper holder that can hold it sideway and can leave that area free. Why the landscape mode?, the map is bigger that why and the phone should be more stable.

Another fact is the Map orientation is upwards is always North, it could be better if the orientation changes according to which direction you are driving to is upwards automatically. Hey, but that one may be in the drive to part of the Maps! Which is chargeable.

The other thing is with the Nokia Map enable, and on displayed and guiding you along, the screensaver, and power saver keep turning on, I have to constantly touch the key pad to reactivate the screen, a improvement would be that in certain application the screen saver, power saver should be automatically turn off.

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