Thursday, January 1, 2009

Going through the Nokia N82 Manuals – Get Started.

There are 3 manual for me to go through I got started on, the first the “Get Started” Nokia N82 Manual,

the Contents of this manual are

Page 4 identified all the important parts of the Phone

Page 5 is on how to insert the SIM Card and the Battery

Page 6 how to switch the phone on, the factory pin code and how to charge the battery

Page 7 talk on the Micro SD card, how to put it in

Page 8 describe Ejecting the Memory card, and advice us to use the remove memory application via the power key before doing so

Page 9 are some simple steps how to use the camera in still as well as video mode and describe in general how to use scene mode, sending a picture via mms, as well as how to delete a photo, basic stuffs

Page 10 advice on the Xenon flash

Page 11 teaches you how to use the PanoMan, Taking of panoramic images automatically

Pages 12 & 13, propose that you share on line your photos, and push on Flikr, Yahoo image sharing online

Page 14, Gps and Maps are basically explained

Page 15 & 16, is on how to use Nokia Maps Loader to down load maps via a pc to your Nokia N82

Page 17 is on Multimedia Key, and menu

In General “Get Started” Nokia N82 Manual/ was an easy read, simple and readily explained and understood............ no problem here.

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