Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nokia Map’s application for N82, Phone Review

When I open Maps, I saw a blank screen, so after confirming Wifi and GPS Works, what I did next was to configure Maps at least to get me a picture of the area I am in.

Now that took a while experimenting to get it right, I have to enable Wifi as default first for connection , Option à Tools à Settings à Default Access Point, à Option à type of connection in my case search for WLAN, at Go On line à I enable “always ask” at Roaming Warning à I enable on.

So when I reactivated Map, It ask me permission to go on line and look up the map for the area I am in. It has 4 option for type of Map, Maps 3d, Satellite, and Hybird, the last 2 is just like what you get at goggles map, while Map is a overhead view, Maps 3d is a view for above and the side. Its contents are useful though not fully informative. Not bad though. Will have to consider the Garmin Mobile Map, which will give permanent drive instructions instead of paying for a period.

(Also pls note, to save battery you have to Option à Tools à Turn GPS off when you are done. However there is no indication of the GPS being on/off like the wifi on the main screen. )

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