Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Testing out Wifi and GPS on the Nokia N82, Phone Review

After Charging the Handphone while it was off for 3 hours, I finally switch it on properly and found out that the Shop have been kind enough to set the time, date and location for me.

My First Priority is to check on the Wifi and GPS components of the Handphone, On the Main Screen there is Wlan with Scanning Off, I heighted that and hit the D pad, and it quickly found the Wifi Signals in the area, I then highlighted search (which is above the Wlan) and use the build in google to search for a key word.

Typing in the word using the Nokia N82 key pad feel funny, and it take time, but it works out nicely, a number of images and webs were presented. When scroll right down there were a sign in button which when I hit entered, allow me to sign in to Google.

I then search for Gmail, to enter my google email, and was ask what choice of connection I want to use, I indicated Wlan, then selected hppts:// and click on it and almost immediately came to the password page, which I set to remember me automatically, as keying in My e mail address and password on the Nokia Key pad will take too long each time. My e mail came up, the latest 10 email, with one unread, I open it, read it and then check on my laptop.

Hey, My laptop firefox say that I have no unread e mail, Well that good, I also check on the log in detail, which stated last login was from a Mobile.

I then Hit the back botton and was presented with a screen of Mini Maps, which I can view which page I want to go back to, That neat and nice, and productive, wish firefox will come up with this soon. Wifi Works!

Next up were GPS, there is two ways to get GPS, open Maps which is the right soft key or by hitting the menu button, go to tool, go to connect, and GPS Data, which will cause it to look for GPS data, and then you can choose Navigation, Position or Trip Distance.

I choose Position, when out to the car park, and hey I got signal. Walk around to see if it will detect my walking speed which it did.

This two items works, and now I am waiting for My Digi line to activate before proceeding further. The Hand phone is still in Off line mode, No Sim Card yet in the Phone.

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