Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nokia N82, What Came together with the Phone, Phone Review

People can work fast if there is money to be made, I wanted a Nokia N82, with English manuals, they only have Chinese manuals available, (in the area where I live in, most Chinese are Chinese educated, I am one of the few that Malay / English educated) , which I cannot read. Well I don’t know how they manage, but It just took them 3 hours to get the English manuals.

There were 4 Chinese manual, but 3 English ones, I ask why, the reply its for one of the Chinese Language applications, a Map in Chinese which you won’t be using right, “Ok I said, Fair enough”

Now I order for me to get this Smart Phone, within my modest budget, I have to get it from one of those Gray Market Importers, Now this are Original Made by Nokia Handphone, but these devices are not imported by the appointed country distributors. Somehow or other these Gray Market Importers can still make money, selling these devices at a lower price, in the Nokia N82 case, around 25% lower.

Now What did I get with my Nokia N82?

· One User Guide, Nokia N82, Issuer 1 in English

· One Get Started Manual, Nokia N82 in English

· One Explore and Experience Manual, Nseries in English

· One CD, Nokia Nseries PC Suites

· One Micro SD card, 2gb

· One Micro SD Adapter – will be useful to download/upload as my laptop has an sd card slot.

· One Nokia Ear Phone (for both ears)

· One Nokia Usb to Mini Usb cable

· One Nokia TV out cable

· One Travel Charger, Flat pin type, not suitable for Malaysia, will have to purchase a adaptor

To Check on the specification, I key in *#0000#, to check on the firmware specification, physical check the Micro SD card, and check through the phone for it memory size, and the call timer. All check out.

At this time I have not put in any Sim Card yet as I would like to put in the Fresh Digi Sim Card when it has been activated. Looking at the Phone, I notice there were Korean Characters on the phone at the key pad, this lead me to conclude that this handphone was imported via Korea.

So far My observation is The Micro SD card is so small, it difficult to remove it, hold it, and to reinsert in back into its slot.

Part 2 of this review will be next, going through the manual to set up the phone.

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