Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Switching Back to Digi

I was one of the pioneer Digi prepaid users, after around 6 years with Digi prepaid, I migrated over to Digi Post Paid, as my prepaid bills increase to over RM50 a month, They had a special offer at that time, New Hand Phone for Free, or Subsidise, Monthly line charge of RM30 and call charges of RM0.15 per min anywhere in Malaysia, for a contracted period of 2 years.

After about 3 years, when I started working out in the country side, I discovered that Call Reception at my work place was poor, there were many spots where I cannot get any reception at all. That when I change to Maxis.

The Promoter explain to me that I will get a RM20 rebate per month, for the first year, and the RM10 rebate per month, for the second year, with Line charge of RM30 and RM0.15 per min anywhere in Malaysia, with a contracted period of 2 years. Actually the charges were RM0.30 per min but what choice I had then? I was the only one using Digi at that place and I cannot be contacted. I also got a sub line for my wife.

Maxis Reception was ok, still there were certain spots deep within the building without reception, but that normal, there were one instance where I was billed for the Special SMS which I did not ask for, but that was sorted out fast.

It has been 2 years already, Digi Reception in the area have improved, there are digi users at my work place now and with Digi new Easy Plan, RM20 a month for line, RM0.20 per min for call, sub line at RM10 per line, works out cheaper then my current Maxis plan. That will work out to savings of around RM20 per month on an average. So it’s time to switch back especially my work place is kind enough to give me a company line and phone.

I registered at one of the Neighbouring Hand Phone Shop, requesting for a paired number, for me and my wife, 016 – XXXABCD, they check and suggested some modifications, and was quickly assign and the 2 sim card was given out, I went home happy till I got a SMS. Number given were a “Lucky” number, Need to Pay RM100 each, I said no way and when back to the Shop and got it sorted out, by getting another paired number that not so “Lucky”.

Any way I am waiting for the 016 line to be activated, and for the fat yellow guy to start following me around and then I am going to Maxis to get my Maxis Line Terminated.

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