Thursday, January 1, 2009

Next up is the Explore and experience Manual for Nokia N82

Its contents?, as below

Page 3 advices us to used Nokia Photo 1.0

Page 4 is powering up your device with Download & Hot sites, Must check it out where I can get Wifi.

Page 5 describe on the use of WLAN Wizard

Page 6 is on Nokia Web Browser and the Short Cut Keys

Page 7 talk on how Mini Maps, visual history (earlier post – back key) and Web Feeds

Page 8 power up Mobile & My Content Search, which I stumble across when checking on Wifi

Page 9 brings up Video Center and what you can do and see here.

Page 10 Manage the Video with Video Manager,

Page 11 Games time with N Gage

Page 13 is all about Enhancements On Headsets and Power Pack

All very lightly touch, making it easy to understand what the Nokia N82 does for entertainment.

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