Monday, December 29, 2008

My Current Gadgets - My Handphone – SE K750i

Handphone - Sony K750i - - - - (up grading target) - - - -> Nokia N82 or similar

The Sony Ericsson K750i

In the past 2 years I have been using this Handphone Camera, I have been extremely pleased with this gadget, It performs it job well as my principle phone, and as my principle camera (for 1 years plus), and now as my back up camera, It’s is hardy, survive many drops, and have not hang on me once.

I am only upgrading as I am eying a PDA, and a GPS, I would not want to change, but with my previous experience, the problem is in having too many different gadgets, to many things to charge, upgrading this Handphone to a device that also have a PDA, GPS will save me this problem, getting a better camera then Sony K750i will be an added benefit.

The SE K750i will be handed over to my wife, as her own Camera and Phone replacing Her Nokia 3120.

Previously, I have use 7 phones in 11 years, 4 Nokia, (among them 2100, 3120), a Motorola, a Siemen, and a Sony Erricson.

Could this be my New Phone? Nokia N82

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