Monday, December 29, 2008

My History

I am born in Penang, brought up for the next 13 years in Perak (2 towns) and Kedah, and Return to Penang, and was place into my father’s alma mater, I was there for the next 5 years, and I went for my Diploma in Switzerland (Hospitality Studies), How I wish there were internet, wifi, blogging, digital camera, PDA, GPS those years as what adventures I want through will have filled up many pages in my blog, in my student life, my travels, study visits, training, the antics by my school mates in those 3 fun filled years.

On arriving back in Malaysia at 21 years old, I have been working in Restaurants and 2 star to 5 star Hotels, In Singapore, In Langkawi, In KL, In Cameron Highlands, In Kedah, but mainly in Penang. It has been a rough ride with many up and downs. While fulfilling, if I have known what I was in for, I definitely would not have chosen the Hospitality trade. Its long hours, mediocre pay, bad retirement benefits (EPF on basic salary only), Job hopping is a must, to get anywhere (I am in my 13th Job in 20 years), poor social life is extremely frustrating and annoying. Business is not stable; consequently your Job is also not stable.

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