Monday, December 29, 2008

My Current Gadgets - My Camera – Fuji S700

Camera - Fuji S700 (recondition model)

Fuji S700, I got lucky as I manage to get this recon super zoom camera recently. Its relatively compact, but have the flexibility of DSLR, to control the camera settings, It’s “Night Mode” is superb, The 10X Optical Zoom, with its 5X Digital Zoom really reach out to bring into view the subject. This camera only drawback is the slow shooting, so taking action photographs is a problem with this camera.

For future upgrade, I will have to consider ensuring the camera has a high shooting speed. I have noted there is an Olympus Super Zoom that has 20 X Optical Zoom, and 13 frames per sec shooting speed. But the cost is at least 3 times the price of this camera, as I purchase this recondition camera from a buy sell Malaysian auction website, Malaysian Answer to ebay.

I use to have a Pantax K1000,(it’s still around somewhere) a SLR that was handed down by my brother, which I equip with a 80 -200 mm zoom. Back in 1985 it was my camera in Switzerland, I use to have a compact Olympus (flim) purchase for my wedding and honeymoon, and 5 years back a Grand Vision Digi Camera that eats batteries for breakfast. With this Fuji I get around 500 shots, per recharge, (4 AA, 2700mha batts).

Pantax K1000, My Frist Camera

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