Monday, December 12, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Wonder Review (part 2)

Samsung Galaxy Wonder Review (part 2): List of Apps on the Phone

To see my other reviews on Samsung Galaxy Wonder - Click on Tab -> Galaxy W :-), More review coming over the next few weeks? on the Phone, The Apps on the Phone and New Apps that I will download.

Looks like I am going to use TW launcher! 7 Home pages!

What Apps does my Wonder come preloaded with? All this come preinstall, some of them downloaded, some are what Samsung Provide with the phone.

What Samsung Provide will definitely work, while Apps downloaded by the shop may or may not work as it is not downloaded through Android Mart.

Either way I will be spending time testing out all the Apps!

So What do I have on the Phone?

On Page 1

Clock, Calendar, Music – Player, Internet – Browser, Camera, Maps, Email, Gmail, Gallery, Google Search, Market, Settings, Social Hub, Game Hub, My Files. Videos

On Page 2

All Share, Kies Air, Talk, Latitude, Task, Navigation, Voice Recorder, Voice Search, Places, Downloads, PhotoEditor, Mini diary, Calculator, Samsung Apps, News & Weather, Task Manager

On Page 3

FM Radio, Memo, Polaris Office, You Tube, NFS Shift, PES2011, RF11, Splinter Cell Conviction, Angry Bird?, Avatar, Full Metal Warriors II, Mr Runner, Hyperactive Ninja, Gangstar, Legends Arena

On Page 4

Blowup, Apparatus, Bubble Ball, SanGuo OL, Hero of Sprata, Egggz, Saving Avatar, Shoot U!, Angry Bird Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, GaligoChase, Acton, Stranded Mysteries, Dragon Hunter, Andriod Pal,Pocket Legends

On Page 5

Home Switcher, ???, Sokudo Free, Reversi Free, Bistro Cook, Zenonia, Zeam, Jewels, Blacklist, Zedge, MP3 Music Download, ???, Lake View Lite, Xeperia Flash Light, Mercury Free, Fruit Ninja

On Page 6

GT racing, Farm Fenzy, Death Worm, Cut the rope, Crazy Snowboard, Camel Kitchen, Battle heart,Asphalt 6, App Installer, AppBrain App Market, Antivirus, Assasin’s Creed, 3D Cat, Sim Tool kit


  1. Quite of apps there.. How much time do you spend to download all the apps?

  2. none, all downloaded and installed by the seller

  3. I know that i'm such a typical mobile user but my biggest concern is can Galaxy W supports flash as well as skype and viber application?

  4. Flash - yes
    Skype - I believe yes (read that some where)
    Viber - ? , any one can assists?

  5. i am an oldie who does not know much about gadget. this new year my daughter pre sent me with this samsung galaxy wonder. i took photoes but my computer cannot detect the phone. so how can i print the photo. i am not using samsung printer but hp. somebody please help

  6. Hi Juliana

    dont feel too bad, I am also a oldie. now touching 50, and am still feeling my way through all the new tech in life. Eg I do not use twitter at all.

    As for your problems. there may be a couple of reasons and solutions to your problem.

    1. for me, if I want to print some photo (using my own printer is to Remove my sd card (all my photos is store in the external sd card) and connect the sd card directly to the computer by using a card reader) and look for the file DCIM, all the photos will be there

    2. In your case I suspect that your photos are store in the internal memory, and you are using the a USB cable, as such there are a few things you have to do, firstly

    please read through the manual fully
    as you have to follow a few steps to dismount / disconnect the phone from the PC

    1. PC/Phone as Mass Storage
    Ie: move files to Phone from PC, Must Deactivate USB debugging mode
    Settings->Applications->Development->uncheck USB debugging

    2. Transfer Files PC to/from Phone Memory Card
    Setting-> Wireless and Network->USB utilities->Connect Storage To PC
    Connect USB cord
    Select USB Storage

    3. Disconnect Phone from PC
    Select Disconnect Storage from PC at Phone
    On PC, click Disconnect USB
    Then Remove Cable

    As alternative if you have a Wifi network
    3. Use the "Keris Air" app to transfer the photo over to you pc. May take time to set up but once its up transferring files is a breeze as its all categories for you photos, ringtones etc

    Kies Air
    Apps -> Kies Air->Menu->Settings-> check options which include See Pg 120 Manual
    Access Request, Enable Visibility, Time out, Lock Contents, Reset Settings

    Kies Air (connect to PC via Wlan)
    Apps->Kies Air->Start - Enter Web address Provided on screen in your PC Browser
    To Stop -> Stop
    No need PC Software or Cable, this seems to be the best option in transferring file etc, as long as you have wifi. Don’t Forget to Off Wifi after transferring

    4. If your PC have bluetooth, you can bluetooth it over.

    Please download the Samsung Galaxy W Manual (Full manual) - from samsung web site, you will find all the above information there, I find it very useful, but to digest it I have gone through it 10 times ;-)

    Hope it helps.

  7. hi snapshots,
    why my wonder cannot send or receive mms?is it regarding the setup?
    Do i need to tick at Use packet data to receive or send mms?
    wonder if u can help me..

  8. hi, dont use mms, expensive

    but i think it's the setup
    & your carrier

    need to get a configuration sms from your carrier,

    then (try) I suspect that you need to tick the packet data, and the data roaming

    also look at your mms settings ...

    also check the manual ....

    hope it helps,

  9. is your SGW rooted? how come do you have many applications? did you downloaded it straight from android market?

  10. 1. rooted? not sure, but i can change carrier any time

    2. many apps, it came together with the phone (thank the phone shop man)

    3. so far have download 2 appps from market moon + reader and touch light

  11. can you please post here the firmware version, baseband version, kernel version and build number so that we can know if it is rooted. you can check these on menu>settings>about phone..

    Planning to buy this phone but i want to be sure if it can match or surpass the performance of ipod touch 4th generation in gaming experience, multitasking and web browsing because this will be my first android phone. thanks.

  12. android 2.3.5
    baseband i8150DXKJ5
    kernel root@DELL135#3

    Samsung W match Iphone 4th Gen / why dont you try the Note or S2

    1. i can't afford note or S2 because i'm only a student and there is no cheap postpaid plan for that kind of phone here in philippines. :D

  13. if you want some thing like iphone 4 you have to pay for it, don't think that the W can match the spec... (i could be wrong)

    1. I'm referring only on "ipod touch 4th generation". thanks for your help. looking forward to buy this phone instead samsung nexus s i9023 and SE neo V. :D

  14. Good day! you can check if your samsung galaxy W is rooted by downloading application in android market that is "root checker". it is free and please give us the result. thank you.

  15. Just got my Galaxy Wonder and tried to use the Find My Phone function. Despite having the Google and Samsung Accounts installed (and the phone registered with Samsung), the Samsung Dive website (via the Firefox browser) can only display the Samsung Galaxy Wonder balloon but with a "No Phone Number" message below. Sought help from Samsung's technical personnel, even reset to Factory Default Settings to start all over again, the same display error remains. Good thing it's a new phone and not much personal data have been installed. Otherwise they'll all be lost. Any kind soul can advise a retiree like me what's the problem and remedy? Most grateful.


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