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Samsung Galaxy W Review (Part 1)

Samsung Galaxy W Review (Part 1) or GT-1850

Update : To see my other reviews on Samsung Galaxy Wonder - Click on Tab -> Galaxy W :-), More review coming over the next few weeks? on the Phone, The Apps on the Phone and New Apps that I will download.

Have Pick up my new Wonder, It come in a small box (more eco conscious, or cost cutting) as compared to my previous phones. The friendly phoneshop man say he will activate my warranty through pc. (Updtate: Samsung Have send me confirmation of my Warranty) So I headed home, open the box, and proceed (on the advice of the phoneshop man) to charge my device for 8 hours. While Waiting I read the Quick Start Guide.

The Unboxing

Now, Of course we have the phone, a Mini (I really mean mini) Quick Start Guide in English and one in Chinese, (which mean I have to download the user guide from Samsung), some sort of warranty Card, a Usb type Charger, a head set, and a usb to mini usb transfer cable.

The UnLock Screen

Switching on the phone require a long press (fast count to 5 / no indicators) on the power button. This took a short time, say around 20 seconds and took me to the unlock screen. The Unlock Screen display the time and date, the status of the battery % of charge when you are charging your phone, and notification for miss call or unread sms.

Swiping up or down give me 3 options, ADW Launcher, Tw Launcher, Zeam and a option to set as default. these are seems to be various apps for home screen options.

Touching the Tw Launcher, send me to a Home Page which have 7 pages in total (I Understand customizable). Preset on the 1st page (customizable) we have a

Widget displaying Time, Date, Day with Accuweather, Google search bar (with voice mode),

Social Hub, Gmail, Maps, Market

Then the 7 dots (for the home pages)

Then the 4 soft buttons for (see below) which are present in all 7 screens

· Phone, Contacts, Messaging and Applications

The 2nd screen give you on full page for Samsung E Mail,

The 3rd screen you a widget for images, a widget for favorites internet book mark and a widget for Yahoo Finance.

The other 4 screens are blank current

Touching Zeam give me a home screen with 3 pages in total, (all blank) except for 6 soft bottons, which are, Message, Gmail, google talk, Internet Browser, Music Player, and Apps.

Touching the ADW Launcher gives me 5 home pages, with the center as default, The Center has Google search bar, Messaging, Market, Maps with a favorites, menu and internet browser, soft button preset in all screens with a move button anchoring both ends, the 2nd page on the left, have G Mail and G Talk

Initial Impression (comparing with Nokia 5800) Touch Screen is super smooth!, Big, tad Bulky (wide), Gorgeous Screen, Big Learning Curve ahead for me.

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