Saturday, December 17, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Review Part 4 – Home Screen Widget and Apps Set up

Samsung Galaxy Review Part 4 – Home Screen Widget and Apps Set up

To see my other reviews on Samsung Galaxy Wonder - Click on Tab -> Galaxy W :-), More review coming over the next few weeks? on the Phone, The Apps on the Phone and New Apps that I will download.

Functionality of an Android Phone, come from 3 main factors, the Apps you install, the OS in this case Gingerbread 2.3.5 play a part, and what the manufacturer does as a Overlay over the OS.

Customization of the phone is via installation of Apps and Widgets on to the phone, further it is possible to have Shortcuts to these Apps and Widgets on the home page or home pages, in my case I have 7 home pages (Tw Launcher) to fill with short cuts, to make operating the phone easier for me.

I have, divided up the 7 home pages

On Home Page 1 – Phone Operations

I have set up Time, Weather, (GPS Reserve), Calculator, Clock, Mini Paper, Camera, Program Monitor

On Home Page 2 – Call Operations

Here there is Power Saver, Buddy X 12 - Frequent Calls, actually the power saver can be omitted as I is almost a duplicate of the power saver in the notifications.

Home Page 3 - Games Page

Now Empty

Home Page 4 - Utilities Page

I have set up, Settings, Kris Air, Flash Light, Office, Reader, My Files etc

Home Page 5 - Internet Page, (non news sites)

Home Page 6 - Internet Operation Page,

Google Search, Market, Gmail, Internet browser, Download, news portals X 8

On Home Page 7

Agenda (Month - List), a list of events up coming

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